Protein Diet

Don't think you will have to be without meat, but you have a few unnecessary pounds accused of? Protein diet exactly what you need. The optimal supply system for those who do not want to deny yourself the pleasure of constantly meat products to be consumed, but be prepared starchy foods, salty, smoked and pickled, is, from the harmful candy. And then the question: "And whether you can lose weight by eating mostly foods with a high protein content?" arises Yes, and we will prove to you the.

Complex Products

The essence of the Protein diet for weight loss

What is the basis for this weight-loss programme, it is clear from the title. The most important source of energy and the "driving force" in the reduction of the weight of Protein. Today, it is gentle and effective System to lose the weight, eat a variety of Protein products, and without Hunger and Stress. The technique consists in the following moments:

  • Use only products with high protein content.
  • Full waiver of the lung carbohydrate-names, foods, the sugar.
  • Rejection of products with harmful fats.
  • Use in unlimited quantities and fruit, fish, eggs, vegetable oil, milk products with minimal fat.

The knowledge of the essence go back to this diet, you will always feel fresh, satisfied, enjoy, to lose the extra pounds.

The rules of the diet on proteins

Protein – the most important building material, a component of all important processes in the body. In the case of insufficient intake of substances that the person experiences discomfort – weakens the immune system, reduced performance, deteriorating memory, some of the organs begin to work with the human. In compliance with the dietary System, the Protein component is almost in excess. In order to benefit from this way of losing weight, and not "locked up", your body, the violation of metabolism, it is important to follow some simple rules:

  • Every meal should protein in combination with other products, e.g., yoghurt, fruit, etc.
  • Daily requirement of fat – 30 grams and is on average 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. You should bring at a Minimum, the use of the "oily" food. It is best if it contained olive oil for the Dressing of the salad.
  • The Mayonnaise should be completely abandoned. Complex carbohydrates in Form of cereals you can eat in the first half of the day. It allows up to six tablespoons.
  • Prefer rice, buckwheat and oatmeal.

Product group

In the case of the preparation of the dishes Can use with little strength – cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, cabbage, tomato, etc. fruit crop for your menu, we prefer the sweet-and-sour apples, citrus fruits, e.g. oranges, grapefruit. Food of the day can be up to two fruits.
Clear the liquid feed. 1 to 2 liters of fluid you need to drink the whole day. The majority of the food on crushable 5-6. The last time to eat for several hours before bedtime. During the diet forbidden to be alcoholic beverages, sweet and baked goods. Do not experiment with the timing of the implementation of the diet. Its duration should be no longer than two weeks, if you can seriously body harm your.

Advantages of using

The rules of Protein diet is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. This method of weight loss has eat many of the advantages of the use, the most important of which are: not hungry Stress and the constant desire to. Protein-rich food is processed by the body for a very long time. In combination with sufficiently large portions of a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

Rapid Weight Reduction. In just a few days, you can be overweight simply accused of up to three pounds. If the force of will and strict relationship to itself, the result can be doubled to be improved. If you remove the clear diet you choose the Option for up to two weeks. Long-Lasting Results. In contrast to the same fast days on the water melon, the Protein diet gives you long-lasting results. With the right output, you can be accused of, at least for a few years, forget kilograms. The weight will keep you on the right level.


But do not forget to remove some of the shortcomings of the program: the Mangold of glucose. Scarce content of this component leads to the depletion of these important substances as glycogen, which can be directly on muscle mass. As a result of these deficits gradually it comes to dehydration, losing weight is the feeling of weakness and pain in the whole body begins.

the variety of food

The smell of the mouth. Excessive consumption of animal proteins leads to the formation of a bad smell. Deterioration in the condition of the nervous system. If a Person originally there are prerequisites to such complaints, then, in the course of time, perhaps the emergence of depression. Chard in nutrients and minerals. Consumption of foods in the composition of a protein containing at most, gradually leads us to feel that the body starts noticeable lack of vitamins, minerals, macro - and trace elements. As a result of the condition of the hair, skin, nails deteriorate.


Despite the simplicity of the implementation and the outstanding results, you should be careful with the high protein diet. There is a whole list of contraindications, during which the you should have another variant:

  • Anemia.
  • Pathology of the liver.
  • Diseases of the heart in the chronic Phase.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Gout.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.

Also, this technique to reject people whose work involves heavy physical activity must.

Types of Protein diets for a week

Today to lose weight is how the classic variant of the Protein diet System, as well as some of the varieties currently in certain situations. One of the most common techniques:

Express Diet

It was developed for 3 and 5 days. Nutritionists advise to lose as little as possible weight, in a similar way, since the body change any time. If you is quickly discharged before or after the holidays, then this Option diet suitable, not better.

For pregnant women

It is a System with a completely balanced diet. The menu is thought out to the smallest Detail, contains not only proteins, but also the necessary amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other nutrients. Gentle diet, you "stretch" the time of the execution of up to four weeks. In contrast to the fasting in pregnancy, this variant is the most preferred.



Still a variant with a balanced diet. In this embodiment, removing small amounts allowed to consume of fat. This diet also shows people suffering from pancreatitis.

Protein Can Diet

Diet, to protein and Can – a different kind of main weight loss program that deserves special attention. She is incredibly popular among modern women, dreams, weight to lose delicious and nutritious. The combination of Protein-and Can component is truly perfect and delivers excellent results. According to the opinion of experienced nutrition science, this variant of learning, the first and virtually causing no harm to the body. The technique consists, as the name already says, in the daily consumption of 200 grams of fish, meat and Can. Perfect to combine pure Protein with days Can. To achieve the tangible result. Duration Protein diet – from 5 to 20 days. Diet is mandatory for the following categories:

  • Fruit Minimum Quantity.
  • Can you can eat, as fresh, as well as after heat treatment (cooking, baking, steaming, deep-frying).
  • Lean meat or fish.
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Water, tea, black coffee without added sugar.

On the basis of this list, individual diet menu is formed.

Protein-Carbohydrate Diet

To lose on a Protein-carbohydrate method, weight also the most raves a slimming treatments. Well-balanced diet, consisting of protein and complex, LPs, carbohydrates, provides a quick and easy combustion of subcutaneous fat tissue without hungry Stress and nervous exhaustion. Tastes in this case is composed of the following products:

Types of products

  • Low-fat milk and milk products.
  • The gifts of the ocean – white fish with low fat content and seafood.
  • Low-fat meat, poultry.
  • Legumes.
  • Eggs.
  • Dry fruit.
  • Pasta Durum Wheat.
  • All Of The Grits.
  • Potatoes.
  • Whole-Grain Bread.
  • Nuts.

In the composition of the food, very carefully look at the products included.

Protein diet for 14 days: sample menu

How to properly use a menu for Protein diet? The whole charm of the approximate ration is due to the fact that at the time of compilation only the properties of the methodology considered, but take into account the taste preferences of the Person. If you don't know where to start, we offer the following menu for two weeks, the helps in the formation of their own perfect diet.

Protein diet lose weight: recipes for the menu

The decision, sit on the Protein diet, in many a picture in your mind of boring Breakfast, Gösta lunch and dinner, consisting of dry chicken breast and a few leaves of salad. Actually diet menu can also be delicious. Here are a few interesting recipes, the experiences of a worthy place on your Desktop and give it an incredible taste.

Eggs, Cream Supperior Reliability


  • Fillet Of Chicken – 400 Grams.
  • Spinach – 400 Grams.
  • Eggs – 2 PCs.
  • Low-fat milk – 150 ml.
  • Spices and salt to taste.


  • Meat cooked with spices in water with the Bay leaf and your favorite.
  • The finished fillets cut small pieces.
  • In chicken broth, washed and prepared spinach to cook before to full readiness.
  • Combine in a bowl with a Mixer, broth, spinach, meat, pre-boiled eggs, milk and crush until the mixture is smooth.
  • Spill by Batch plates and serve, garnished with fresh herbs and half of the quail eggs.
  • A sumptuous lunch is ready. Good Appetite.

Cheese Omelette



  • Grained Cottage Cheese – 100 Grams.
  • The Egg White – 3 Pieces.
  • Green Onions – 3 Feathers.
  • Dill and salt to taste.


  • Proteins eggs, whisk lightly salt and snow, until a creamy, lovely foam.
  • Quark combine with Dill, lightly salt in a blender and mix well until a pleasant, creamy state.
  • Careful, unhurried movements in a direction you give the curd in egg white and knead well.
  • Place the finished dough in a baking dish, sprinkle finely chopped spring onions and bake in an oven until a pleasant Golden brown.

Cheese Cake-Cheese Cake


  • Quark 0% — 200 Grams.
  • Lemon Juice – 50 Ml.
  • Starch -2 tablespoons (corn).
  • Apple – 1 Piece.
  • Squirrel – 5 Piece.
  • Egg Yolks – 2 PCs.


  • Bull's-eye clean from the skins and Grind in a blender.
  • The Apple-mass add the Ricotta, the juice of citrus fruits, starch, and egg yolks. Very carefully, studying blender.
  • Proteins whisk in a separate bowl until soft peaks. Caution do not enter into the cottage cheese a lot.
  • Place the finished mixture into a baking dish, with water, and send in the oven for about a half hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.
  • The finished cheese cake spread on a beautiful dish and chop part of chop. An excellent diet Dessert ready.

The selection of the Protein diet as a way to lose weight – the ideal solution for every woman. Also if there are any contraindications, you can always decide for themselves the most appropriate Option (Protein, carbohydrate, diet, etc.) from several varieties of the dietary methods. Let us to lose weight delicious – a beautiful durable result, you assure yourself.